Clare Thornthwaite


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Solo Exhibition


Grayson's Art Club

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

4th December 2021 -

4th September 2022



Grayson's Art Club

During lockdown, Grayson Perry helped the nation find comfort and company through art as part of his TV series by Swan Films for Channel 4.

The artworks created by the public, established artists, and celebrities are powerful and very personal responses to the pandemic and form a lasting artistic record of the unprecedented times the nation has experienced together.

Series two began airing in February 2021, Grayson hosted the show from his studio with his wife, Philippa and each week a different theme – family, nature, food, dreams, work, and travel – was explored. I submitted this piece on the theme of ‘Work’.

During the lockdown I had been working from home. I created this self-portrait using Adobe Photoshop, one of the tools of my trade as a graphic designer. With my home office set up on the dining table, I often sat there dreaming of faraway lands - like the one in my ‘Zoom’ background - whilst stuck in dull online meetings.

I took inspiration from the painting of Veronica Veronese by the Pre-Raphaelite artist Gabriel Rossetti. Pictured at her desk, looking a little bit bored, quite like how I was feeling at the time. I photoshopped myself in a dress of a similar style, the phrase ‘all dressed up with no place to go’ springs to mind!

(BTW, the odd shapes in the bottom left corner are disposable face masks that have washed up on the beach as they haven’t been disposed of properly.)

My artwork will feature in the exhibition exclusively at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery alongside pieces by Grayson and Philippa Perry and the guest celebrities and artists.

Working from Home copy.jpg

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