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Grayson Perry's Art Club

I've been enjoying watching Grayson Perry's Art Club on Channel Four while being in lockdown. Inspired, I submitted a piece of artwork on the theme of 'Work' and to my amazement it was chosen by celebrity guest Jane Seymour as one of her top 3 picks!!!

The piece is a digital collage created using photoshop. I was inspired by Dante Gabriel Rosetti's paintings of Pre-Raphaelite women, who erm? ... to be honest, always look a little bit bored! The self-portrait is me looking bored whilst working from home because of Covid. The beach is my Zoom background and I'm day-dreaming of being able to go on holiday again soon!

The face masks gathering on the beach is a statement about the environmental damage we are doing by not disposing of them properly, they are already being washed up on the beaches and harming sea life.

My artwork will be featured in an exhibition later in the year, depending on Covid restrictions.

The programme is available to watch on All 4 On Demand, Grayson Perry's Art Club, Series 2, Episode 5: Work. (About 47 minutes in!)


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